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Caroline just got back from the hospital. (In record time, I might add!)  She only sprained her ankle. She has to go to the doctor in the next day or so to find out exactly what is sprained.

Praise the Lord!

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Some good news…and some bad news.

In May, we got a trampoline.  All of us kids bought it. We had worked hard on selling jelly at our homeschool co-op sale and we also had a yard sale.  We love our trampoline and it was so fun to earn it together.  Someone is on it every day, if not all of us.

Today, I was on our trampoline with Caroline and David.  David had been making up all sorts of interesting games (“Kimmy, you are the salt, Caroline is the pepper.”).  He got off and found this light piece of material which he rolled up and said was his baby.  He then brought that on to the trampoline, laid it out, and told us not to step on his ‘baby.’ Caroline, who can be a little competitive, immediately said, “Alright, Kimmy, first one to step on the baby looses.” She gave me a grin and started to jump.  After her second jump, she tripped right over that baby and fell flat on her face.  I was laughing so hard I didn’t realize at first that she was crying.  This was VERY unusual.  Caroline never cries, especially in front of people, unless something is seriously wrong.  She was holding her ankle and sobbing. I quickly told Becca to run and get Mom.  Her ankle started to swell at once.  Bethany prayed for her as I helped her to the car and David prayed too.  Mom is taking her to the hospital right now.  We are sure it is either a serious sprain or it is broken.  Please pray that God will give her peace of mind and will give the doctors wisdom.

So you may be asking…WHAT is the good news?!  Well, a friend of ours has some crutches we can borrow!

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