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How to Be a Sister (In Christ)

(This post goes right along with the last one. This is the post where I find it’s awkward to know that some men read this blog. Oh well.)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on how we should love our brothers in Christ. These thoughts have been brought up by our Sunday School class and THIS book.  How should we as girls act around our brothers?  What can we do to encourage our brothers to be godly young men?  I really love this book and it has really opened my eyes to the (good) influence girls can have on guys. I always knew we could have a really bad influence but never realized how our actions can spur men towards Christ.

The chapter I just finished is on our words.  I’ve been learning from the words of Abigail, Rebekah, and Ruth.  All three of these women had a positive influence on the men they came in contact with.  Abigail deterred David from doing something rash. Her plea to him was full of diplomacy, dignity, and respect. David blessed her for her discretion.  Rebekah boldly gave Abraham’s servant more than he asked for. She kindly drew water for him and his camels. Ruth finds and points out the righteous aspects in Boaz and commends him for them.  These women knew how to act around men without flirting or going to the other extreme- ignoring them.

I think that in order to avoid flirting, lots of girls then ignore guys completely.  From It’s Not That Complicated (this part is written by a man):

“The opposite of flirting is not shunning, it is being friendly. As far as what is flirting and what is friendliness, it honestly comes down to where your heart is. Do you love your brother in Christ, wanting what’s best for him out of your interaction, not what’s most gratifying to you? A good rule of thumb is, ‘If you wouldn’t talk that way to your blood brother, don’t talk that way to a boy who isn’t.’ Also, ask your dad and brothers to observe you around guys; they’ll be able to tell if anything you do is flirtatious.”

Wow.  I’m probably one of those girls who, in my quest to not flirt, I avoid talking to guys at all.  But that isn’t obeying God’s command for us to encourage the brethren!  I’m learning all this now.  In the past few weeks, I’ve had such a love grow in me for my brothers in Christ. (Please take that as I meant it!)  I want them to grow closer to Christ and I want to encourage them to be the biblical leaders the world is discouraging them to be!  I don’t want them to think about me but about their mission to take dominion of the world and spread the gospel! That’s what I want to encourage guys in!

This book, this class, this summer has really changed the way I view men.  I used to view them as silly and shallow. A lot of the guys I knew were.  This summer, I learned that not all boys are like that. And that made me want to learn what I can do for my brothers!  I wanted to know what my biblical duty towards my brothers is. I know now that I need to encourage those silly, shallow boys to grow into the strong biblical men that Christ wants them to be!  This is such a freeing responsibility!  I’m excited to learn that girls and guys can truly be friends and I’m excited by the influence I can have on the men I know!

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”  John 13:34-35

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What Brothers Need

My biggest fear about living so  from home was that my siblings wouldn’t know me. That they would know about me but not who I am.  I wanted to be actively involved in their lives, not a spectator.  Especially with David.  I had read a lot about how a sister can impact her brothers and I wanted to spur David towards Christ.  I loved letting him know he needed to protect me and save me from bad guys.  I loved when he would put his arms around me and tell me I was his baby.  I loved when he would hold the door open for me. And I loved encouraging him to be a godly man for Christ.

In our Sunday School class here we have been talking about what it means to be a true woman of God.  One of the lessons hit me.  We talked about how we can encourage all young men in our lives toward godliness.  We should so reflect Christ that they are encouraged to be godly men.  Our meek and quiet spirit can spur them to be the biblical leaders the world needs.

I also just read a chapter in a book about that!  (Amazing, how God works!)  It was about demonstrating respect towards our brothers and also being interested in their interests.  The book talks about how girls always complain about the lack of godly young men but at the same time they are tearing down the manliness of their brothers.

All this hit me because I felt I couldn’t do that.  I live five hours from my brother. It never occurred to me that it could be done anyway, in the way I treat him when I call and skype.  Do I listen to him, even though I can’t understand a word he says over the phone?  I’ve made it a habit to encourage him every time I talk to him.  Usually this comes in the form of my telling him he’s my hero.  David loves super heroes- Spiderman, Superman, Batman.  He’s knows they save people and he runs around in his super hero costumes all the time. I want him to know that I admire his bravery- against imaginary villains, snakes, and Caroline-monsters.  (Okay, I might have to rethink that predicament.)

I’ve also realized that I need to be doing this with my sisters.  I need to encourage them to live as godly young ladies.  Also, I want to encourage them to see David as a young man and not an annoying little brother.

I’m learning to be more encouraging with everyone I know, especially my family.

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Five Things: Rebecca

Five things I love about my little sister Becca!

1. How she devours books. Literally, she reads faster than ME, a 20 year old. At first, I didn’t believe her so I quizzed her on a book and yes, she had read the whole thing.

2. The way she thinks that as soon as she is taller than me she will have something on me. Haha.

3.  The way she tries to be kind to everyone she meets.

4. When she searches through the Bible, attempting to find evidence of aliens. That’s a recent hobby.

5. She is such a momma’s girl. She gets up every morning to go snuggle Mom after Dad leaves for work.

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Five Things: Caroline

Five things I love about my little sister Caroline!

1.  Her beautiful voice.

2. Her matching problems. Hehehe…

3. The way we are always thinking the exact same thing and often finish each other’s sentences or say things at the same time.

4. When she says that all our lives would be so boring without her. Ha.

5. When she tries to do a cool karate move and ends up hurting herself- and then laughs at herself.

(6. And, she is making brownies right now.)

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Irresistible Grace…Er…Brothers

I was planning to write this post on irresistible grace but I thought I ‘d wait until I finish that chapter in Grace Unknown.  However, as soon as I wrote that title, something else popped into my head even though it really has nothing to do with grace and everything to do with irresistible-ness.

The other day, David was playing in his bed taking his afternoon nap, when I heard him call. Not knowing when The Boy had gone to bed, I asked Mom if it was time for him to wake up. No, it was not- go tell him to go to sleep.  As soon as I entered his room, he looked at me with his big puppy eyes.  I told him it was not time to get up. He said, “But, Kimmy, I don’t like nap time.”  “I know, buddy, but Kimmy likes nap time.”  Then he looked at me, all snuggly in his bed, and said, “Kimmy will you snuggle with me a little bit?”  Irresistible.  Oh, just a minute…

A few minutes after I left him, I heard him calling again. I went and told Mom that The Boy was NOT going to go to sleep. She told me to tell him to rest quietly for 15 more minutes.  Once again, I entered his room and saw his now red and teary eyes.  Manipulation, I see.  “David, Mommy says you have to rest quietly for 15 more minutes and then you can get up.” “Kimmy, I love you. You’re my baby.  Will you snuggle me?”


*sigh* A giving- in sigh.

I love that boy, stinker and all 😛

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The Perfect Christmas

This year, we had some of the best presents we’ve ever had for Christmas.  They weren’t really expensive or really fancy, but they fit the intended person just right.  I know you want the run-down, so here is the list of the best presents:

  • I wrote a while back that we were remodeling our bedroom. We did it mostly because for Christmas, Rebecca moved into our room. She is getting older and it will encourage her to act older and more mature if she thinks of herself as one of the ‘big’ girls, instead of a little kid. We painted and completely rearranged the whole room and none of the younger ones saw it till yesterday. Over Becca’s bed we painted a big letter ‘R’  with a tiara on it, complete with sequins. She was so surprised and thrilled. She spent practically all day in her new room.
  • Bethany and David still share a room. They’re young and don’t care. So, in their room we put up a canopy over Bethany’s bed. She has the top bunk and we fixed these lacy curtains to the ceiling and they hang over her head. She LOVED it- she’s such a girly girl!
  • We also hung curtains (not lace ones) around David’s bed so it’s like a tent in there. He was so excited!
  • For Mom we got a set of non-stick pots and pans. It is an 18 piece set and SHE spent last night figuring where to put them.  It was a great gift for her, AND they were FREE! My Dad’s work does this safety drawing if you are accident-free and he won this set- which is what we wanted to get Mom anyway!
  • We got Dad a HDMI cord that hooks our laptop to the TV. We had an old one, but it always messed up the computer, so the new one is wonderful.
  • David got lots of presents but he’s so easily pleased that all of his were great 🙂
  • Of course, Caroline got the video posted for her.
  • And me? I got what I wanted most: a Mp3 player for when I run. Ahhhh….I love it.

Of course, there were lots of other gifts given and many of them were wonderful as well. These here were just the best ones. We’ve never had a Christmas like this before. There were many presents that couldn’t be unwrapped, like the bedrooms and the video. But they fit. Everyone agreed that this was our best Christmas


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Caroline’s Present

You know the feeling when you have the BEST present for someone? When their gift is perfect for them and you’re just bursting to give it to them? That was how I felt about Caroline’s gift this year. She has always wanted a video of her singing posted on YouTube to hear what people would say about her voice. My parents decided to do it for Christmas. We secretly taped her singing (she thought it was to send it to our Grandma). We had several people in on it, including the wonderful pianist. She was so surprised. We really knew she liked it because she started to cry. It was the perfect present for her.

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