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When it Rains

Have you ever had one of those weeks where every single thing manages to go exactly as you want it to? Where you get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, work runs smoothly, devotions are deep, your family is well, you get together with friends, and you end the week doing whatever your favorite end-of-week activity is? Yeah, me either. And this week is definitely not one of those weeks. Let me tell you about it.

On Tuesday, I found out that one of my very good family friends from PA had had a stroke. She is only in her forties I believe and a pretty active and healthy person so I was really shocked. Praise God, she has recovered very quickly and is expected to keep doing so but it was still hard to take in.

On Wednesday, our church got the news that one of our dear elders had been taken to the ER for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. They had just gotten the diagnosis that day and needed to start treatment right away. As we were told, I looked katty-korner to the pew in front of me and saw his sweet, elderly mom sitting there with red and teary eyes. As I gave her a tight hug, I couldn’t even find any words to say. We just cried together.

And on Thursday, as I sat in a ladies Bible study I got a text that told me one of our campers from Insight camp (for kids who are blind or visually impaired) had passed away on Sunday. He was 15 and one of the sweetest guys- always had a smile for everyone.

Gosh this life is too much for me to handle. Sometimes the weight of everything really gets me down. And last night I realized I was struggling to hold onto Jesus and that’s when I remembered that isn’t what happens. He holds onto me. My aunt sent me this song a few months ago and as I listen to it, God calms my heart and reminds me that he is my strength, not me.

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It’s All in the Face

Whereas I am now feeling like this…

lots of other people here are feeling like this…

or this…

and I keep going like this…

to let my poor Mom get some sleep.

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Church at Home

I have what is now known around here as ‘the PLAUGE.’  I have contracted hand-foot-mouth disease.  Everyone is disgusted by my mouth and my throat hurts when I breathe.  My Dad’s response, “Don’t breathe then.”  HaHa.  I did have a fever for two days but last night it broke.  So thankful.

Anyway, no one went to church this morning because, although I’m the only one that has it right now, everyone can carry it and it is highly contagious.  Everyone at church, say thank you.  So, we had church at home.  We sang from the hymnals which is very interesting since none of our hymnals match.  So you have to look up the song in the index and then sometimes the words aren’t the same- it makes for interesting singing.

Then we listened to Alistair Begg on YouTube.  Ahhh…I could listen to him all day.  You can listen to what we listened to here.  (How can I ever go fishing again?)

And here are some amazing songs to encourage you today. – I Will Glory in My Redeemer – Before the Throne of God Above – All I Have is Christ


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