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6:00 AM

I thought I’d share with you how we do Christmas.  After the Christmas Eve service, we (meaning us ‘children’) put OUR presents under the tree.  Then the younger kids go to bed. Mom, Dad, Caroline, and I usually stay up a while longer and watch a movie or play a game.

On Christmas Eve, Caroline and I sleep in the kid’s room. That way, we can all see the tree at the same time in the morning.  We’ve been doing it that way forever.  After we go to bed, Mom and Dad put THEIR presents under the tree.  The rule has always been that we can’t get up before six in the morning, but we could make as much noise as we wanted to before then.  We used to wake up at like five and play Christmas music really loud and ring bells and sing.  Now (we getting OLD…) we wake up at about five till six and watch the clock.  At exactly six o’clock, we all run out to the living room.

We open our stockings before breakfast because part of breakfast is in our stockings.  We always get an orange and a little box of raisins.  Christmas breakfast is the hardest one in the world to swallow.  Who wants to eat when there is a pile of presents in the living room?  Then we read the Christmas story from the Bible. We usually read it from all the gospels to get the whole story.

Then…we open the presents- one at a time. The rule is you can’t pick a present for yourself out- you have to pick one for someone else. And, being scrapbookers, we take tons of pictures!  In the afternoon, we relax and enjoy each other’s company.

I’m so excited this year about some of the presents I have for people! I just can’t wait to give them because I know they’re perfect!

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