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Jumbled Thoughts from a Jumbled Mind

I’ve been wanting to post for the last week or so but every time I start to think about what I should say every cohesive thought I’ve ever had leaves my brain, so I would like to apologize in advance for what may follow here.

Hmmm…what to say…well let’s get you up to speed here. I’m done working now and I’m visiting my parents and younger siblings for a couple weeks before I move into my apartment around Labor Day.

Thought 1: Do you know what I have discovered that is different this time compared to other times I’ve come to visit my parents? I have discovered that Ohio has become my home. Of course PA will always be my home and hold a special place in my heart but I have a certain sense of belonging in Ohio that I don’t feel as much in PA anymore.

For instance, I have always called my parents’ church my church for the last four years (even though I didn’t live here lol) because I felt most at home here. I didn’t know that had changed until I walked through the door of it on Sunday and realized how much I missed my church in Ohio and all the people there. And suddenly I realized that it had sneakily become my church without me even knowing it!

Thought 2: My family loves me a lot. My Mom and Dad go out of their way to do things for me, even if it means playing Candyland when that’s the game I pick to play. ūüôā Also, I can barely move the next room without David asking me where I’m going because he’s afraid that I’m going somewhere without him.

Thought 3: Sometimes I don’t want to learn God’s lessons. It’s so much easier to say that your purpose shouldn’t be wrapped up in your job than it is to live that. Sometimes it’s hard to even tell until your job is gone. It’s a lesson that I need to learn but God’s school isn’t always fun.

BUT I am SO thankful he knows me better than I know me! I am thankful that he can look into my heart and show me how to be more Christ-like!

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How Very Blessed

Sometimes, I don’t feel blessed. I can hear your gasp and see your shocked face…but it’s true. Sometimes, I feel like my life is awful and I just don’t want any more uncertainty and I want to go home. There are days when I just want to lay in bed and cry all day. Days when the problems of my friends get me down and inject stress into my life. Days when I long just to have my baby brother tell me he loves me and to feel his arms around my neck. Days when I don’t feel blessed.

Now, I realize of course that I am blessed. I have a wonderful family and I have a baby brother TO miss. I don’t have many of the fears and problems of my friends. I have a home to visit. I have tons of people who sincerely care for me. I have plenty of food and a warm place to live. I am blessed.

But, you know what? That isn’t enough. History would tell of millions of people who had all that and more but who weren’t happy or content. They were missing the greatest blessing of them all. The blessing of salvation.

But I have that. I have the assurance of things hoped for and I know the evidence of things not seen. I know my name is written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life and that his hand of grace and mercy is upon me in salvation. I know that the struggles of this life are merely a shadow and that the glory of eternity is mine. I know that my Lord is faithful and just to forgive my sins and that he remembers them no more. I know that my God reigns forever and that he listens when I call to him.

Sometimes, I don’t feel blessed. And sometimes, I just need to be reminded of how very blessed I really am.



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Merry Christmas

I’m posting this video in honor of David. He calls this the ‘baby song.’ I miss that boy but I’m leaving in 5 hours to go home! I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Savior!

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Bethany’s Birthday

Contemplating her next move…

Today¬†is Bethany’s seventh birthday!¬† She has grown up so fast!¬† While my Mom was close to her due date with Bethany, my Dad had to travel to Chicago. Mike was graduating from boot camp and Dad went to see the ceremony¬† with two of my uncles.¬† That day of the graduation, Mom started having contractions.¬† She knew she needed to head to the hospital, so she started calling some friend to find someone to take her and someone to take care of us.¬† It just so happened that everyone we knew was at a bridal shower in a different town.¬† And our neighbors didn’t answer their phone, so that put us¬† all in a dilemma.¬† Finally, Mom decided she couldn’t wait any longer and was about to walk out the door with us to the hospital, when our neighbors called and said they could watch us.¬† So, Mom took us to their house and then drove herself¬†to the hospital.¬† The doctors decided to deliver and she called my aunt, who in turn called one of my uncles who was in Chicago, who in turn told my Dad he may want to come home.¬† He started right away but didn’t get there in time to see the delivery.¬† The doctor noticed my Mom was by herself and asked if there was anyone she could call to be with her.¬† There wasn’t but she said the Lord gave her a great peace about the whole thing.¬† As for us, I must admit we weren’t worried in the slightest we were just excited about the baby!¬† Bethany was born a healthy, chubby baby and today¬†she is turning seven!

We celebrated her birthday on Saturday¬†because she wanted to do water balloons and it’s supposed to rain today.¬† So we surprised her and had m&m cupcakes and then water balloons.¬† The water balloons weren’t really fair though, because SHE got to use them and WE had to use rinky-dink squirt guns!¬† What she doesn’t know is that we are also going to celebrate her birthday again today with a Chutes and Ladders cake and a few more presents.¬† I’m also going to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast after I’m done here and after¬†I run.

One of my favorite stories about Bethany:¬† We were camping and Becca said something about wishing stars.¬† And Bethany looked at her and said, “Becca, we don’t have those kind of stars around here. I wished for a pony and I never got it!”

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