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American or Christian?

My Sunday School class has been doing an in depth study on the conscience recently. Which is fascinating- I don’t think I’ve ever really studied it before. We’ve talked about things your conscience can be, things it can do, how it can be misguided or aligned to truth. And all throughout the study, one particular topic keeps coming to my mind. Rarely does politics ever enter the stage of this blog, so here goes.

Last election, I did not vote for Trump. Now before all my conservative, Republican friends whip out their phones to call my parents and ask what kind of daughter they raised and all my Democrat friends starting cheering, ya might want to hold your horses. The reason I determined, after much thought and prayer, that I couldn’t vote for him, was a matter of conscience for me. It literally would have gone against my conscience to do so. Now I completely understand that is NOT the case for everyone and, while I challenged my friends to think about it, I cheerfully told them that if their conscience allowed them to vote for Trump, then go for it!

I did not vote for Clinton either. I did the unpardonable sin (apparently) in the voting world and I voted third party. Actually I did worse- I did a write in because the candidate I wanted to vote for was not on the ballot in my state. But I did it with a completely clear conscience. And yes, I heard every single argument about how that is wasting your vote and not being a good citizen and all that. Can I just say I have actually never felt as “persecuted” (I hesitate to use that word) in my whole life for a choice based on faith as I did during that time? And all the mocking was actually coming from believers and close friends of mine. Many times it brought me to tears. Really sad. Please don’t ever make fun of someone who is honestly doing something out of conscientiousness. Even if you think they are misguided. Come alongside them and talk things through, but don’t mock them.

But it brings me to my next point. Which is where I might really start to get into trouble. I have often thought that sometimes believers are Americans first and then Christians. *Indignant murmuring starts* Sometimes it seems that our allegiance is to AMERICA! and then to the Lord. Let me ask you some serious questions (and believe me when I say I have already asked myself them):

-Do you talk more about the president or about Jesus?

-Do you get more upset/offended when someone talks trash about your favorite politician or when someone misuses God’s name?

-Are you more more passionate about your gun rights or loving others with different opinions?

-Would you be more upset if someone came to take your gun away or your Bible away?

-Do you brag more about our country or about our Lord?

-What would your FaceBook/Instagram show?

These are just a few of things that I’ve thought through myself that determine where my heart is at. Yes, I am thankful to live in America. It is a blessing. But I am a believer in Christ FIRST and my heart belongs to him above everything else.


As usual, feel free to share your thoughts, but if you are going to rant, it probably won’t ever appear in the comments. 🙂 Weird how that works, huh?


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Now the Irresistible Grace Post

I’m finally done reading Grace Unknown!  What an amazing book! It is the best and clearest book I have read on Reformed Theology.  The chapter on election was especially helpful.  I’ve been thinking a lot about grace lately and how undeserved it really is.  Hence, I was very excited to read the chapter on irresistible grace.  And I was not disappointed:


“To say that the grace of regeneration is irresistible is simply to say that this grace, which is so vital to our salvation, is sovereign. This grace is dispensed sovereignly and freely by God. It is truly grace, with no mixture of human merit of any kind. by this grace the captives are set free and the dead in sin are raised to a new life. This is the manifest work of the tender mercy of God, who stoops to rescue his children from sin and death and who, as he did in the initial work of creation, takes pieces of clay that are spiritually lifeless and breathes into them the breathe that quickens them.”


My favorite quote from the whole book is: “Grace that is owed is not grace.”

That really started me thinking.  It’s makes sense.  Grace is something that is undeserved but given anyway.  It can’t be owed if it is undeserved.  Grace cannot be owed. If it was owed, it would not be grace. Grace is something that God gives us willingly and freely. He certainly doesn’t have to, but he chooses to anyway.  We do not deserve grace and we cannot earn it. We deserve hell, and that would be the just thing to give us.

Thankfully, God is full of grace.


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My heart sank as soon as I turned on the radio this morning. Caroline and I just stared at each other.  “HOW?” she said.  This was her first time to vote and she had high hopes.  We had excitedly watched the debates.  The first time I voted, everyone I voted for won. Caroline was so disappointed that the same thing didn’t happen for her.  It’s so easy, when everyone around you supports the same candidate that you do, to forget that there a lots of other people in this nation.

So all we can really do is pray for our president.


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Please Pray!

“Lord, I want to pray for our country today. I pray that You would cause this people to repent and turn from their wickedness and seek Your face.  Lord, I pray that you would put a man of character in authority, one who loves You more than anything and wants to honor you before himself. Lord, please give our leaders wisdom and understanding. Help them to be righteous and honest.  Above all, Lord, let your will be done today and always. Amen.”

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