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5 Things: Daddy

Five things I love about my Dad:

1.  He is the spiritual leader of our home.

2. He demonstrates Christ’s love for us through his love for my mom.

3. He knows everything about history.

4. He loves kids, even though most are afraid of him ūüôā

5. He works hard to provide for his family.

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The Perfect Christmas

This year, we had some of the best presents we’ve ever had for Christmas.¬† They weren’t really expensive or really fancy, but they fit the intended person just right.¬† I know you want the run-down, so here is the list of the best presents:

  • I wrote a while back that we were remodeling our bedroom. We did it mostly because for Christmas, Rebecca moved into our room. She is getting older and it will encourage her to act older and more mature if she thinks of herself as one of the ‘big’ girls, instead of a little kid. We painted and completely rearranged the whole room and none of the younger ones saw it till yesterday. Over Becca’s bed we painted a big letter ‘R’¬† with a tiara on it, complete with sequins. She was so surprised and thrilled. She spent practically all day in her new room.
  • Bethany and David still share a room. They’re young and don’t care. So, in their room we put up a canopy over Bethany’s bed. She has the top bunk and we fixed these lacy curtains to the ceiling and they hang over her head. She LOVED it- she’s such a girly girl!
  • We also hung curtains (not lace ones) around David’s bed so it’s like a tent in there. He was so excited!
  • For Mom we got a set of non-stick pots and pans. It is an 18 piece¬†set and SHE spent last night figuring where to put them.¬† It was a great gift for her, AND they were FREE! My Dad’s work does this safety drawing if you are accident-free and he won this set- which is what we wanted to get Mom anyway!
  • We got Dad a HDMI cord that hooks our laptop to the TV. We had an old one, but it always messed up the computer, so the new one is wonderful.
  • David got lots of presents but he’s so easily pleased that all of his were great ūüôā
  • Of course, Caroline got the video posted for her.
  • And me? I got what I wanted most: a Mp3 player for when I run. Ahhhh….I love it.

Of course, there were lots of other gifts given and many of them were wonderful as well. These here were just the best ones. We’ve never had a Christmas like this before. There were many presents that couldn’t be unwrapped, like the bedrooms and the video. But they fit. Everyone agreed that this was our best Christmas


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Book Recommendation

On my trip, I read Glory, Duty, and the Gold Dome.¬† I read it in about two days.¬† I woke up before everyone else so it was a great time to read and do my morning devotions.¬† It was an incredible book!¬† The plot follows the thoughts and actions of a fourteen year-old boy and his father alternately.¬† The boy, Thomas, is an aide to his father who is a state representative. They work together to try to save the life of a woman, who is in a coma, and her unborn baby.¬† The book not only provides a great example of a father-son relationship, but it also shows a lot¬† about the legal system. In fact, I’m sure I could have counted it for civics in high school!

It is rare to find such a book in our day and age.¬† A book where men boldly stand up and do their duty no matter what.¬† The father in this¬†book¬†risks his congressional race to help this woman.¬† He counted her more important than himself.¬† He put her and her baby first despite great pressure to do otherwise.¬† That’s what makes it such a great book.


(As an aside, the publisher recommends this book for those fourteen or older due to mature medical ethics-related issues.)

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Introducing Me and My Family!

Hi! My name is Kimmy and I am a 19-year-old¬†Christian girl.¬† I live at home and serve my family and church! The home is such a beautiful place to serve others from and I love to worship the Lord with my family.¬† I was homeschooled since fourth grade and I graduated in 2011.¬†Since then, I have been growing through God’s Word, enjoying life with my family, and working on a getting¬†history degree through CLEP tests.¬† I love to live simply and I enjoy kisses from my little siblings, a good book, finishing my sister’s sentences, and watching movies with my family.

Next I would like to introduce my Daddy. He is the head of our family and is a godly man who leads by example. He works hard to provide for our family and I love him!

I have a wonderful and beautiful Mom!  My birth Mom died of cancer when I was five but God blessed me with another Mom when my Dad married her in 2001!  She is Superwoman- she not only has homeschooled five kids (three still in school) but is actively involved in our local homeschool group as the registrar! I am so thankful for her wisdom!

My wonderful parents!

Mike is the oldest kid in our family. He is 25 and no longer lives at home.¬† He is currently working for a paving company. His youngest sisters can’t wait for him to hurry up and get married so they can be aunts! (Sorry, no picture. I can’t find one of him, at least not one he would let me share!)

Caroline comes next. She is 18 and just graduated this year.¬† Caroline thinks we would all have very boring lives without her as she often provides us with laughs.¬† She can memorize movies after seeing it once and my mom often asked her why she couldn’t do the same thing with math facts!¬† She likes action, being outside, and chocolate.


Rebecca is 10.¬† She devours books- sometimes reading 2-3 chapter books per day.¬† She loves horses¬†and wants to draw up a petition for our county to allow us to keep one.¬† She is about one inch shorter than me although that’s not saying a whole lot since I’m only five foot. She loves tea parties and dressing up.


Bethany is the youngest girl. She is six and is our princess.  She loves anything sparkly or pink or both!  She is also very artistic and has her own ideas of what looks stylish.  She wore knee-high snow man socks the other day. And that just shows how great Mom is- she let her!  Bethany is very sweet and has never met a stranger.  Last year, she planted pumpkins in our garden and she prayed for them every day.  When she has a bad dream at night, she calls Mom in- to pray for her.

Bethany with her before-mentioned pumpkin!

David is our baby- and boy, does he know it!  He has the sneakiest, cutest, and most disarming smile ever and can get anything out of his sisters!  Most likely this works because his sisters will give him anything for kisses! He was born 24 in long and has kept up ever since- soon he will pass me up! He is four and talks all the time about when he will be old enough to drive because he LOVES cars!


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