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Chutes and Ladders

Have you ever played Chutes and Ladders? I loved that game growing up! You know why? Because the good kids get rewarded and the bad kids get punished and it just seemed like a fair kind of system. There was however, one thing I did NOT like about the game. If you remember (think back to your childhood…unless you are like me and still play kid’s games…), the goal of the game was to get to the 100 spot. So you finally work your way up to 85 and start to get excited because you are getting close and a roll later you end up on the 87 square. Do you know what is on the 87 square?? A chute. A chute that lands you back down on 24! I remember that happening to me several times in a game and getting frustrated by being so close and then the disappointment came of rolling into that square.


I currently feel like I am very close to landing in that 87 square. Let me explain.

I went to Cleveland Clinic on Feb. 24th. Have I mentioned before how amazing they are? I would also like to mention, though, that this time they really tested my memory of 4th grade geography. I was having my EEG done and they usually ask you several questions just to make sure you are thinking correctly. Often the questions are along the lines of: Do you know where you are? What is today’s date? Who is the president? Things like that. Do you know what they asked me this time? Name the Great Lakes. Uhhhh….hang on while I pull that HOMES acronym out of my memory…

My EEG came back clear (Thank you, Jesus!) but I had been having a lot of issues with some of the side effects of one of the medications which is the main thing I wanted to talk with the doctor about. I had also noticed that if I was under stress (which is life), I was still having lots of seizures, so the medications were not fully controlling them either.

Come to find out that the medication causing all the issues is actually considered a “rescue” seizure medicine and she wasn’t planning to keep me on it. (Backstory: they had to quickly take me off a different med because it was causing heart issues so they put me on this one.) So she decreased the dose of that medicine and increased the dose of the other one that I take. I had a blood test done last Monday and after she gets those results she will most likely take me off the problem med and switch me to a different one.

So I’m guessing you probably still don’t see the connection to Chutes and Ladders yet. Am I right? You see, I actually haven’t had any seizures since that appointment. 22 days without a seizure- I think that might be my longest streak since all of this started. But it’s almost certain that whenever you are in the middle of a medication change to have some seizures. So I currently feel like I’m sitting nice and pretty on that 85 square just waiting to roll a two whenever I switch and then the counting starts again.

That being said, do you know how nice it is to go 22 days without any seizures???! It’s pretty awesome and I’m so thankful that God has given me this time! I’ll keep you posted (haha, because this is a post…nevermind… 🙂 ) on what He does next!

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Bethany’s Birthday

Contemplating her next move…

Today is Bethany’s seventh birthday!  She has grown up so fast!  While my Mom was close to her due date with Bethany, my Dad had to travel to Chicago. Mike was graduating from boot camp and Dad went to see the ceremony  with two of my uncles.  That day of the graduation, Mom started having contractions.  She knew she needed to head to the hospital, so she started calling some friend to find someone to take her and someone to take care of us.  It just so happened that everyone we knew was at a bridal shower in a different town.  And our neighbors didn’t answer their phone, so that put us  all in a dilemma.  Finally, Mom decided she couldn’t wait any longer and was about to walk out the door with us to the hospital, when our neighbors called and said they could watch us.  So, Mom took us to their house and then drove herself to the hospital.  The doctors decided to deliver and she called my aunt, who in turn called one of my uncles who was in Chicago, who in turn told my Dad he may want to come home.  He started right away but didn’t get there in time to see the delivery.  The doctor noticed my Mom was by herself and asked if there was anyone she could call to be with her.  There wasn’t but she said the Lord gave her a great peace about the whole thing.  As for us, I must admit we weren’t worried in the slightest we were just excited about the baby!  Bethany was born a healthy, chubby baby and today she is turning seven!

We celebrated her birthday on Saturday because she wanted to do water balloons and it’s supposed to rain today.  So we surprised her and had m&m cupcakes and then water balloons.  The water balloons weren’t really fair though, because SHE got to use them and WE had to use rinky-dink squirt guns!  What she doesn’t know is that we are also going to celebrate her birthday again today with a Chutes and Ladders cake and a few more presents.  I’m also going to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast after I’m done here and after I run.

One of my favorite stories about Bethany:  We were camping and Becca said something about wishing stars.  And Bethany looked at her and said, “Becca, we don’t have those kind of stars around here. I wished for a pony and I never got it!”

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