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How to Be a Sister (In Christ)

(This post goes right along with the last one. This is the post where I find it’s awkward to know that some men read this blog. Oh well.)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on how we should love our brothers in Christ. These thoughts have been brought up by our Sunday School class and THIS book.  How should we as girls act around our brothers?  What can we do to encourage our brothers to be godly young men?  I really love this book and it has really opened my eyes to the (good) influence girls can have on guys. I always knew we could have a really bad influence but never realized how our actions can spur men towards Christ.

The chapter I just finished is on our words.  I’ve been learning from the words of Abigail, Rebekah, and Ruth.  All three of these women had a positive influence on the men they came in contact with.  Abigail deterred David from doing something rash. Her plea to him was full of diplomacy, dignity, and respect. David blessed her for her discretion.  Rebekah boldly gave Abraham’s servant more than he asked for. She kindly drew water for him and his camels. Ruth finds and points out the righteous aspects in Boaz and commends him for them.  These women knew how to act around men without flirting or going to the other extreme- ignoring them.

I think that in order to avoid flirting, lots of girls then ignore guys completely.  From It’s Not That Complicated (this part is written by a man):

“The opposite of flirting is not shunning, it is being friendly. As far as what is flirting and what is friendliness, it honestly comes down to where your heart is. Do you love your brother in Christ, wanting what’s best for him out of your interaction, not what’s most gratifying to you? A good rule of thumb is, ‘If you wouldn’t talk that way to your blood brother, don’t talk that way to a boy who isn’t.’ Also, ask your dad and brothers to observe you around guys; they’ll be able to tell if anything you do is flirtatious.”

Wow.  I’m probably one of those girls who, in my quest to not flirt, I avoid talking to guys at all.  But that isn’t obeying God’s command for us to encourage the brethren!  I’m learning all this now.  In the past few weeks, I’ve had such a love grow in me for my brothers in Christ. (Please take that as I meant it!)  I want them to grow closer to Christ and I want to encourage them to be the biblical leaders the world is discouraging them to be!  I don’t want them to think about me but about their mission to take dominion of the world and spread the gospel! That’s what I want to encourage guys in!

This book, this class, this summer has really changed the way I view men.  I used to view them as silly and shallow. A lot of the guys I knew were.  This summer, I learned that not all boys are like that. And that made me want to learn what I can do for my brothers!  I wanted to know what my biblical duty towards my brothers is. I know now that I need to encourage those silly, shallow boys to grow into the strong biblical men that Christ wants them to be!  This is such a freeing responsibility!  I’m excited to learn that girls and guys can truly be friends and I’m excited by the influence I can have on the men I know!

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”  John 13:34-35

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Irresistible Grace…Er…Brothers

I was planning to write this post on irresistible grace but I thought I ‘d wait until I finish that chapter in Grace Unknown.  However, as soon as I wrote that title, something else popped into my head even though it really has nothing to do with grace and everything to do with irresistible-ness.

The other day, David was playing in his bed taking his afternoon nap, when I heard him call. Not knowing when The Boy had gone to bed, I asked Mom if it was time for him to wake up. No, it was not- go tell him to go to sleep.  As soon as I entered his room, he looked at me with his big puppy eyes.  I told him it was not time to get up. He said, “But, Kimmy, I don’t like nap time.”  “I know, buddy, but Kimmy likes nap time.”  Then he looked at me, all snuggly in his bed, and said, “Kimmy will you snuggle with me a little bit?”  Irresistible.  Oh, just a minute…

A few minutes after I left him, I heard him calling again. I went and told Mom that The Boy was NOT going to go to sleep. She told me to tell him to rest quietly for 15 more minutes.  Once again, I entered his room and saw his now red and teary eyes.  Manipulation, I see.  “David, Mommy says you have to rest quietly for 15 more minutes and then you can get up.” “Kimmy, I love you. You’re my baby.  Will you snuggle me?”


*sigh* A giving- in sigh.

I love that boy, stinker and all 😛

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So Sweet

The other day, David gave me the best compliment I’ve ever gotten.

Out of all the girls David knows, I was his first pick to marry.  Awwww…

Somehow, I don’t think it will work out.

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The Miracle of Life

When Mom was pregnant with David, she haemorrhaged and we thought she had had a miscarriage.  As my Dad rushed her to the hospital, he hurriedly told me what happened and asked me not to tell my siblings.  There was a reason for this. It was 2 or 3 days before our big family reunion and one part of the family was coming in that evening.  He didn’t want the others to worry.  He wanted them to enjoy our cousins that live at a distance and we don’t get to see very often.  I cried buckets but somehow managed to hide them from my sisters. (Well, except for Caroline asking one time, “Are you crying?!”  What are you talking about, you goose?)  I had wanted this baby so bad!  I LOVE babies!  I was heartbroken at the thought of that little baby dead.  Our family arrived and I quietly told my aunt and uncle what had happened.  Their response: “Your mom is pregnant?!”  I guess they missed the memo.  When my Dad came home a while later, I was in another room.  All I heard was, “The baby’s okay!”  I think that is the only time in my life that I have literally fallen on my knees and thanked God!  I was so very, very thankful!!!  As it turned out, Mom had to stay on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy and some months later a healthy, tall baby boy was born.  I praised the Lord for His goodness to me!

David is THE baby.  He has the funniest, cutest way of asking for things that he almost always gets it.  Come on, just look at those dimples.  Who could refuse them?!

On February 29, 2012, I sat David at the computer so he could play his ‘special school’ games.  A minute later, I walked over to find him slumped against the back of the chair and his arms were jerking.  His face was turning purple.  “Mom, come here!” Caroline casually walked over to see what was going on.  “Coming!’ called Mom, but it didn’t sound like she was moving real fast, so Caroline and I yelled together, “NOW!”  She ran in.  We originally thought he was choking because I had given him a piece of bread and it was sitting on the desk near him.  Mom told me to go get Dad who just “happened” to be home that week.  As I was coming with him, Mom yelled, “Call 911!”  Dad grabbed the phone while Mom gave David the Heimlich to get him to breathe.

Rebecca came in the room and after one glance at what was going on, she ran sobbing to her room.  I ran after her and hugged her as we cried together.  We prayed over and over again for God to protect David and help us.  I had to leave her to help Mom.  The ambulance was on its way and David was semi-conscious. It was at this moment that I gathered my wits and remembered that I had set MY bread on the desk when I found him in the chair.  He wasn’t choking.  He tried to walk but just stumbled around.  Just as the EMTs entered our house, he lost consciousness.  The thing that settled me the most was when they walked in the room.  They asked what his name was and then while listening to his heart one said, “Hi David!  We’re here to take care of you.”  They quickly took him in the ambulance with Mom and Dad followed in the van.  At that moment, I stopped crying.  I knew that I was in charge now and if I was an emotional wreck, Becca and Bethany would be too.  Caroline was the worst -she loves David very much.  I called our dearest friend to tell her but I had to leave a message.  I then called our pastor and his wife.  At the time, they lived right down the road from us and she came right over to talk to Caroline.  Then she sent it through our church’s prayer chain.  And some other friends sent it through the homeschool group prayer chain and their churches’ prayer chains.  And it seemed that within 15 minutes, everyone in the county knew about David.  There were so many wonderful and concerned calls from friends to tell us they were praying for us and if we needed anything, just to call.

Through many tests, we found out that David had a seizure.  For a while, I felt kind of guilty that I hadn’t remembered right away that the bread sitting there was mine.  I knew David would have bruises from the Heimlich Maneuver.  I felt like that until Mom told me that one of the doctors told her that that helped him to breathe again.

While he was in the hospital and after he was moved to one farther away, Caroline and I took care of the girls.  We slept in the living room together at night and one night, we spent the night at a good friend’s house.  They missed Mom a lot, especially Becca. She is such a Mommy’s Girl!  But there were lots of calls to Mom (even with the cell phone breaking in the middle of all this) and we kept ourselves busy to keep their minds from worrying. He spent 2 days in the hospital.

David has had many seizures since that day.  In fact, he had one just three days after he got out of the hospital.  This time he spent four days in the hospital and we were able to visit one evening.  It was so nice to see him and give him lots of kisses and hugs.  He hasn’t had another one that caused him to stay in the hospital. With each seizure, they kept increasing his medicine dose.  Finally, now, 6 months later, we have completely controlled all seizures and seizure activity.  Praise the Lord!  

It was quite an ordeal. In fact, even as I write this I am crying.  But God is good!  He’s always in control! I can see ways that we have grown closer together because of this and I praise the Lord for it!

When I look at David, I praise the Lord.  I praise Him that He gave David to us and that He protected him through the seizures. This serves to remind me every day of the preciousness of life.  It reminds me of the miracle of life.

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Introducing Me and My Family!

Hi! My name is Kimmy and I am a 19-year-old Christian girl.  I live at home and serve my family and church! The home is such a beautiful place to serve others from and I love to worship the Lord with my family.  I was homeschooled since fourth grade and I graduated in 2011. Since then, I have been growing through God’s Word, enjoying life with my family, and working on a getting history degree through CLEP tests.  I love to live simply and I enjoy kisses from my little siblings, a good book, finishing my sister’s sentences, and watching movies with my family.

Next I would like to introduce my Daddy. He is the head of our family and is a godly man who leads by example. He works hard to provide for our family and I love him!

I have a wonderful and beautiful Mom!  My birth Mom died of cancer when I was five but God blessed me with another Mom when my Dad married her in 2001!  She is Superwoman- she not only has homeschooled five kids (three still in school) but is actively involved in our local homeschool group as the registrar! I am so thankful for her wisdom!

My wonderful parents!

Mike is the oldest kid in our family. He is 25 and no longer lives at home.  He is currently working for a paving company. His youngest sisters can’t wait for him to hurry up and get married so they can be aunts! (Sorry, no picture. I can’t find one of him, at least not one he would let me share!)

Caroline comes next. She is 18 and just graduated this year.  Caroline thinks we would all have very boring lives without her as she often provides us with laughs.  She can memorize movies after seeing it once and my mom often asked her why she couldn’t do the same thing with math facts!  She likes action, being outside, and chocolate.


Rebecca is 10.  She devours books- sometimes reading 2-3 chapter books per day.  She loves horses and wants to draw up a petition for our county to allow us to keep one.  She is about one inch shorter than me although that’s not saying a whole lot since I’m only five foot. She loves tea parties and dressing up.


Bethany is the youngest girl. She is six and is our princess.  She loves anything sparkly or pink or both!  She is also very artistic and has her own ideas of what looks stylish.  She wore knee-high snow man socks the other day. And that just shows how great Mom is- she let her!  Bethany is very sweet and has never met a stranger.  Last year, she planted pumpkins in our garden and she prayed for them every day.  When she has a bad dream at night, she calls Mom in- to pray for her.

Bethany with her before-mentioned pumpkin!

David is our baby- and boy, does he know it!  He has the sneakiest, cutest, and most disarming smile ever and can get anything out of his sisters!  Most likely this works because his sisters will give him anything for kisses! He was born 24 in long and has kept up ever since- soon he will pass me up! He is four and talks all the time about when he will be old enough to drive because he LOVES cars!


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