“We Hunger and Thirst”

24 Jan

Sovereign Grace Music is fast becoming one of my favorite sources of good, God-honoring music! I think I will post one of their songs every week. This one is a favorite!

Exalted Son of glory humbly came down
Wounded for the broken, bore the sinner’s crown
Through the willing death You died
You became our bread of life

Jesus, we hunger and thirst for You, Lord
As we remember Your sacrifice
We see the wounds from Your hands and pierced side
Extravagant love! Oh how great the price
Now our lives are Yours

The priceless blood of Jesus, this gracious cup
A life spring overflowing, poured out for us
He has conquered every sin
For the ones who trust in Him

The cup we drink, the bread we eat
Reminds us You are all we need
And makes us long for Your wedding feast

Words and Music by George Romanacce and Alex Couch
© 2011 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)

If you want to learn more about them visit their website!

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