What is Family?

11 Jan

When I was five, my birth Mom died of cancer.  When I was eight, my Dad married and I got a second Mother. I have two siblings by my birth Mom and three siblings by my second Mom.  Now, some people would try to tell me that it’s not natural to feel a real love for my Mom and siblings.  They tell me that there’s usually a great divide between so-called half-siblings and that it’s fine for me to not love my Mom.

And I’m here to tell them they’re wrong. I love my Mom just as much as I can and I’ve always felt that way. There has never been a time when I said to her or even felt in my heart the attitude of “Well, you’re not my real Mom.”  Because she is my real Mom. I believe that God is sovereign and it was in his will for my birth Mom to die and that he sovereignty placed another Mom in my life.  Not that I’ve completely forgotten my birth Mom. I’m grateful to her for choosing to have me, but I also know that right now she’s in the presence of the Savior and when I get to heaven, I’ll have two Moms to reunite with!  (Unless, of course, I die before Mom 🙂

As for siblings, I’ve never called them anything but my dear brother and sisters. I love them beyond belief!  There is no difference in my love for them and my love for my other two siblings. The divide in non-existent with me. Of course, there is the divide of ‘big’ kids and ‘little’ kids, but even that is disappearing as Becca becomes a ‘big’ kid!  I heartily disagree with anyone who calls them anything other than my siblings. In fact, in one of her learning stages, Becca said something about me being only half her sister and I looked her in the eye and said seriously, “Don’t ever say that again.”  I did a little explaining and she never has.

I thank God for everyone in my family and for his grace and sovereignty in putting us together!

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