Thoughts of a Twenty Year-Old

06 Nov

Since I have now lived for twenty years, I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned in that LONG time.

#1.  I don’t know how people can live without the Lord.  He is my provider of peace, hope, and joy.  How miserable people must be without him!

#2. Children are a huge blessing.  If I ever get married, I want to have as many kids as God gives us.  Plus, they are free entertainment.

#3. I’m a cheapy-charlie.  I hardly ever buy stuff full price and Goodwill is my favorite store.  And the clearance aisle of Wal-Mart.  And the clearance aisle of K-mart.

#4. I have so much to thank God for.  For his love and holiness, and his forgiveness and sanctification.

#5. I’m not always right.  I know, you already all knew that, right?

#6. I have so many wonderful friend to thank the Lord for.

#7. Wii scores are not something to get mad over.

#8. Computers are HUGE time wasters.  (Ummmm….why do you blog again?)

#9. Some self checkout registers at Wal-Mart are for credit cards only and you should not try to use cash at these ones.

#10. People think you are crazy if your favorite dessert is ice-cream, you don’t really care for icing on cakes, and you dislike pumpkin pie.


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2 responses to “Thoughts of a Twenty Year-Old

  1. Katy

    November 6, 2012 at 9:31 AM

    I now know why I adore you! We are so terribly similar!!!! :o) Icecream is my favorite too…although I still do like icing *and* pumpkin pie! 😉 Although I don’t eat cheesecake! Do you?

    • Kimmy

      November 6, 2012 at 3:05 PM

      Ooooh…No! I can’t *stand* cheesecake! Something about the texture I think.

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