Eating Crow

30 Oct

Today, I was speaking with a four-year old girl about Halloween.  She told me that she was going ‘trunk-or-treating.’   I said, “Trick-or-treating. It’s called trick-or-treating, sweetie.”

“No, it’s not!” she said, “It’s called trunk-or-treating.”

I continued in this conversation for about ten minutes and I couldn’t convince her that she was wrong.  Silly girl.  Later, I told my mom about it.  She laughed.  “Kimmy, she’s right!  There’s this new term for dressing up and getting candy but not really getting into the ‘Halloween spirit.’  It’s called trunk-or-treating.”

You’re kidding.  You mean that little four-year old was right and I was wrong?  No way.

Oh yes.  So, tomorrow, I have to apologize to a little girl and tell her she was right and I wasn’t.  Just goes to show that you can be wrong even when you’re sure you’re not.

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