Life’s Little Lessons

24 Sep

Migraine.  Whenever I hear that word, I chuckle to myself.  I mean, really, how can you get such a bad headache that you can’t be up and about?  Can it really hurt that bad?  This ignorance of mine probably stems from the fact that I’ve only ever had sinus headaches.

Yesterday, about halfway through Sunday School Class, I noticed my vision was off.  I was looking at one of the kids in my class and I could only see half her face.  It was really strange – it was like there was a glare on everything I looked at with my left eye.  Before church, I told Mom I was running to the bathroom to see if there was something in my eye, even though I didn’t feel anything.  The bathroom mirror didn’t show anything either.  When I got back to our pew, my head started to hurt.  I confess, I didn’t sing one word in church yesterday.  My head hurt worse than I thought anything could hurt.  It felt like someone was hitting it with a hammer.  Suddenly, in the middle of the sermon, my left hand and wrist went completely numb.  I quickly wrote Mom a note, which I saw her show Dad and then Mom, David, and I got up to leave.  As we were walking out the door, my left cheek went numb.  We drove home so I could change and get comfortable in case I needed to go to the ER.  As we got in the van, my loving and concerned brother asked, “Can we stop at McDonald’s and get a milkshake?”

I wished I was 10 years old right then so I didn’t have to make the decision to go to the hospital or not.  We drove back to pick everyone up from church.  On the way, David said, “Mommy, we forgot to get Kimmy some candy!”

Lesson #1 Candy fixes everything.

On the way back home (we DO live five minutes from church!) to drop everyone off so Mom, Dad, and I could go to the hospital, David said, “Do we have the stuff at home to make milkshakes?!” I love that boy.

My hand and cheek were only numb for a few minutes but my head was still pounding.  The bumpy road didn’t help either.

At the ER, they made me do all kinds of funny things.  For example, touch your nose with your index finger and then touch the nurse’s finger, back and forth as fast as you can.  While I was waiting for a CT scan, the nurse gave me a shot to stop the headache.  It made it worse.  On a scale of 1-10, my pain was at 9 for a while.  Once it started to get better, though, it got better fast.

Lesson #2  Wearing a hospital gown is just as bad as not wearing anything.

The CT scan went well.  There was nothing wrong.

The doctor told me I had a complex migraine.  The difference between a regular migraine and a complex one is that a complex migraine affects you neurologically.  My loss of eyesight and the numbness were both caused by the headache.  They hope that it was just a one-time thing. You and me both, brother!

Lesson #3 Yes, you can have a headache so bad that you can’t move around!

Lesson #4 Be more sensitive to others with migraines!

This was my first time at the ER.  I’m not prone to accidents, so although my siblings have been there many, many times, I’ve never had to go.

I hope it never, ever, ever, happens again.  But if it does…Well,  I guess I’ll just have to trust the Lord!

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