Being a Teacher

17 Sep

Today was our first homeschool co-op class day for the year!  We always look forward to this day, chaotic though it may be:)  A LOT of preparation goes into this day and all the other class days.  This is our seventh year as part of this group and we love it!  There are about 50 families in our group, which means there are A LOT of kids.  We offer classes for 1-12 grades and we also have nursery, pre-school, and kindergarten.  Everything is volunteer, done by the parents of the kids and some guest teachers.

Last year,  I was the morning kindergarten teacher, I taught a high school sign language class, and I helped in a Keepers of the Faith class.  This year, I help in the nursery, teach a 2nd grade first aid class, and I am the afternoon kindergarten teacher.  It went pretty well today, besides the fact that my watch stopped so I was ten minutes late for my first aid class!  Everyone expects some small problems the first day so it wasn’t a big deal.  In nursery, one of our good friends dropped her 2 year-old daughter off and since I babysit a lot for them, the little girl knew me and ran to me.  That was great and all until I had to leave for my next class.  I felt awful- that baby screamed and screamed as I walked out the door.  I think she was eventually taken to her mom.  I LOVE the kindergarten age!  Nothing is better than having ten little 4-5 year olds wave goodbye and say they can’t wait until next class day!  I was also very thankful that all my class helpers were on time and were soooo helpful!

It is so easy to forget why I love to teach for the group with all the craziness that comes with it.  Those little kids help me remember.  They are so sweet!  I had 3 of my students from last year come up and say, “Hi, Miss Kimmy!  I don’t get to be in your class this year- I’m too old!”

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